I Don’t Get It.

There is some debate regarding whether radio stations across the country will continue to play Chris Brown’s songs. Some stations have completely removed him from the playlist, others are yanking them only for today, while many more are not pulling him.

“We’re also pulling all of his (Brown’s) music for all day Friday to support Rihanna, to take a stance against battering women,” said Jeremy Rice, program director for WBLI which boasts about 700,000 listeners in the region just outside New York City. Link

Here’s what I don’t get.

The Dixie Chicks tell their fans that they are ashamed of George Bush, and within hours they are pulled from several national radio markets. Chris Brown beats the shit out of his girlfriend and we need to have a debate about whether to pull his songs?

That’s some crap, right there.

One response to “I Don’t Get It.

  1. Wow. Excellent point. Hadn’t thought of that.

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