Fourteen Kids My Ass!

It’s not my job to judge this lady with fourteen kids, but I often go above and beyond my job duties, so I offer my condemnation of her as a service to my community. You are welcome, community!

There oughta be a law against this.  I did some research, and discovered that her home city of Whittier, California does have a law that I think needs to be imposed:

10.20.045 Hobby breeding–License required–Fees.

A person who is a hobby breeder as defined in Section 10.08.155, shall obtain an animal breeding license in the amount set forth in Section 10.90.010. Each license shall authorize the whelping of no more than one litter per female dog or cat in any 12-month period and no more than one litter per domestic household in any 12-month period. (Ord. 2004-0036 § 7, 2004: Ord. 93-0002 § 2 (part), 1993: Ord. 90-0137 § 13, 1990: Ord. 88-0155 § 6, 1988: Ord. 87-0036 § 9, 1987: Ord. 85-0204 § 25, 1985.) Link.

Close enough.


3 responses to “Fourteen Kids My Ass!

  1. She created a website where you can donate money to help her raise her 14 children. Want me to get that for you?

  2. Ok – so now we have 14 more bonafide f—d up kids – and then they will breed! Psychiatric providers clear your appointment calenders

  3. It shouldn’t be our business except for the fact we have to pay for these children.

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