Playing with the new iPhone

Just got a new 16GB black iPhone. I’m also creating this post from the phone itself. Huzzah.

7 responses to “Playing with the new iPhone

  1. Wow am I jealous! Went against white huh?

  2. Ahh yes. He went with Black because it looked cool. Kinda like half of America did a couple of weeks ago.

  3. posting from the phone, your blog as just become a twitter.

  4. Just did the same a three weeks ago. iPhone is an awesome tool. Be sure to get the Tweetsville, Shazam, AroundMe, NYTimes Apps.

  5. Had the white- kinda creepy in a black case – like it’s looking at you -peering out from its little portals – took it back -MUCH better . Half of America is right.

  6. Wiki mobile is pretty cool

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