More to come . . .

There’s so much stuff that I put off until after election day that I’ve been too busy to post.  Look for more on Saturday!

Go Obama!


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  1. For once those polls were pretty darn accurate!

    I personally didn’t think he’d get Ohio, certainly not by the margin he did.

    Or I thought he’d at least lose 1 of the Big 3 (Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania )

    Pretty impressive campaign by Obama. McCain ran the worst campaign ever. His base was annoyed with him, and everyone else also. What an idiot. You’d think the Republicans would learn a lesson after Bob Dole, they tried it again with McCain.

    I guess better off Obama wins, because whoever is president is gonna go through hell. I’d rather it be blamed on the Democrats. I just pray to God he’s not as clueless about national security as he seems!

  2. There was a great piece, in Newsweek I think, that summed up the election this way. The Republicans stayed with ideology while the Democrats presented ideas. Moderates and independents were forced to choose between conservative policies that were not working and demagoguery of those who disagreed with them versus progressive idea that have some hope of moving the country forward.

    For the Republicans to win in the future they will have to be more inclusive and by offering fresh ways to make America better instead of insisting on going back to what may have worked in the past but doesn’t work today.

    Perhaps start by asking why the Republican Senator from Maine won by 61% in a state which went 58% for Obama.

  3. Well then Newsweek is wrong. That is the reason they continue to lose. Because conservatism didn’t fail, moderate republicans failed. Look at every senator who lost, they are all moderate Republicans.

    Only 1 percent of Americans are more liberal than 2004. One percent. The number that calls themselves conservative was 12 percent higher.

    And polls show that only 9 percent of Americans feel the Republican Party is too conservative.

    This is what happens when we have people taking whatever the media spoon feeds them. Conservatism is not to blame for their parties losses, its the parties attempting to out liberal liberals.

    McCain was supposed to be a middle man? Shouldn’t he have won? Can’t he get “independents”? Nope, lost. BIG TIME. And the only time he had a significant lead in the polls was after the convention when he fired up Republicans.

    We are still a center-right country. Now I’m sure the far left refuses this, but we are. We tilt right, just as we have since 1980. I reject the idea that the election is 40-40 with 20 on the middle. Its 48-48 with 4 in the middle, 4 that usually vote blue. But the Reagan Democrats are the ones who swing an election to a landslide.

    So what happens is not all of the 48 on McCain’s side showed up, and every independent (as I knew they would) voted for Obama. Big time loss.

    The Democrats do not have a majority of the country, as I stated they are 22 percent of the country, compared with 34 conservative (clearly both numbers are higher but most say moderate). We tilt to the right… so Democrats HAVE to move towards the center. Because they won’t win with the base that they have. Republicans can fire up their base and they WILL win an election.

    McCain = Dole, both moderates, both failed

  4. “Connecting better on the economy and middle-class pocketbook and quality-of-life issues will go a long way toward alleviating the troubles the GOP had in reaching moderates, suburbanites and even Latinos this year. It will require refreshing the conservative policy arsenal with innovative proposals that will look more like McCain’s health-care plan than the old tried and true, and it will mean engaging on concerns such as congestion and college tuition that have traditionally been beneath conservative notice.”

    “Even in unimaginably challenging conditions for Republicans, the ideological composition of the election was essentially unchanged from 2004. Only 22 percent of voters identified themselves as liberals. The rest were moderates or conservatives.

    “It is indeed, as conservatives have been insisting in recent days, a center-right country. The question is how to appeal to the center again.”

    Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review.

  5. I don’t understand if you agree or disagree with me…

  6. J Stat — I think you are misinterpreting some statistics. Yes only 22% of the country describe themselves as liberals. (Republicans have successfully made “liberal” a dirty word so this stat is not surprising.)

    This from Bill Kristol in today’s NYTimes:

    “What’s more, this year’s exit polls suggested a partisan shift but no ideological realignment. In 2008, self-described Democrats made up 39 percent of the electorate and Republicans 32 percent, in contrast with a 37-37 split in 2004.

    “But there was virtually no change in the voters’ ideological self-identification: in 2008, 22 percent called themselves liberal, up only marginally from 21 percent in 2004; 34 percent were conservative, unchanged from the last election; and 44 percent called themselves moderate, compared with 45 percent in 2004.”

    The distinction you must make is not all Democrats are liberal and not all Republicans are conservative. I am a registered Republican who supported McCain in the primary but voted for Obama last week. I will never support your ultra-right wing ideology (Palin) and will not support the ultra-left wing ideology (Pelosi) either. OK, start with your name-calling. It won’t change my vote. Only progressive ideas from either party that I feel will move our country forward will sway me.

  7. Okay, the actual poll described them as “progressive” but interpreted it as liberal. so the “dirty word” didn’t have any effect on the poll.

    Obama was the most liberal senator, so he’s as far left as anybody. Yet you still supported him.

    Someone like Jindal would have won this election.

  8. Also, its not like Democrats haven’t attempted to attack the term conservative and saying things like Neocon ect., it just doesn’t stick.

  9. Neocon!!! Neocon!!! Neocon!!! Hehehehehehehe!

  10. If the Republican Party continues to espouse the ideology of the traditional conservative movement, as you J Stat have, it will be a long time before they see power again. The country has changed so much that the traditional conservative ideology no longer works.

    The NY Times has a great set of graphics today that examine the 2008 election, county by county, and by various factors such as age and race and ideology. The two biggest changes were race (Hispanic) and age (18-29). Even conservatives voted more for Democrats this year than in 2004, although this probably has to do with the Bush legacy. The amount of red on the map, those counties that went more Republican than in 2004, was tiny and centered in the old south in states like AL and AK.

    You may also want to read in the NY Times today Brook’s opinion today about the GOP as well as an article about why many thing the Southern Strategy may never work again.

    As for my voting for the most liberal senator — I vote for policies and leadership not ideology. McCain lost my vote when he broke off his campaign to go back to Washington to herd cats while Obama consulted with the brightest and most knowledgeable and came back with a plan that I felt would work. I also did not like McCain’s economic plan that to me seemed to be more of what was not working and what had really hurt the middle class. I did not like the fiscal policies of either candidate but prefer whatever stimuli be directed towards long-term programs like infrastructure rather that a bailout for bad decisions made by businesses and consumers.

  11. What plan!? HA! What plan did he come up with? He did NOTHING! In fact when they invited him to the White House he couldn’t “unify” anybody, he cause a huge argument. Obama supported the bailout! So did McCain. Thats not the conservative way. Conservatives didn’t want the damn bailout. Socialists , fat cat wall streeters (who by the way are mostly Democratic), and ignoramuses wanted the bailout.

    McCain screwed himself because he didn’t present any free market solutions (the conservative way) and offered more socialist plans like buying up mortages, and if Americans are going to choose between light beer and beer they’re gonna pick the beer!

    Stop referencing the NY Times. They have one goal and that is to get Obama elected, and now that he is elected they’re going to kiss his butt like they did Bill Clinton. They’re own editor called it a “liberal” newspaper. Their own editor!! They know they’re liberal. Everyone knows they’re liberal. They slant the facts for the Democrats, they’ve done it for years.

    Now all these damn media types, especially the newspapers were hoping this election was the death of conservatives but it wasn’t. This election only empowered them, and it empowered a conservative movement.

    “If the Republican Party continues to espouse the ideology of the traditional conservative movement, as you J Stat have, it will be a long time before they see power again.” (11/11/08)
    <– We’ll save that

    As for your 20 percent of conservatives voting Obama, that only proves my point. McCain was a terrible communicator. He couldn’t communicate that conservatives values and beliefs to fix economic crisis and so forth were in line with him. Conservatives believe in the conservative ideology, if they didn’t they wouldn’t call themselves conservative.

    But McCain was hated by Conservatives, and hated by the left. Its a losing strategy. We are a center right nation. We are still a nation of Reagonites and if the Republican Party wants to start winning again, it has to remember that.

    When they campaign as conservatives they win. Every damn time.

  12. But I have no problem when NYT readers “me-too conservatives’ are going to now leave the party. Good. Please stay away for God sakes. Enough of liberals like you calling themselves moderate.

  13. J Stat — when I read Parker’s column today I thought of you. “Among probable causes for the GOP defection, conservatives might consider the right’s tendency these days to banish into the darkness those who were merely looking for the light. ” Your last post which I read after I read Parker’s column was that predictable!

    There is no point in responding further to those like you who insist it is your way or the highway. It makes intelligent conversation meaningless.

  14. Ha, your hopeless!

    Good riddance lib!

  15. JStat: You are sinking your own party. Republicans need moderates if they are going to keep up with the demographic and sociological changes in the US. Right now, the Republican party in looking like it’s headed in the obsolete direction without them.

  16. Its not “my” party. Its a party. I will support the party that supports me.

    They tried a moderate and failed. They always fail every time they try to be moderate. Always.

    But of course a liberal would want them to try and be more liberal.

  17. The Republicans need a set of core principles that improve life for every human being in the country, and you will attract them, I don’t care where they were born, I don’t care what their skin color is, what their gender is, what their sexual orientation, none of that. Thats what libs care about.

    What I care about is Republicans who stand up for principles and policies that help Americans.

    Even if what you are saying is true, which its not, but if it was I wouldn’t want them to anyways. I don’t want a party to have to be liberal to attract other voters. i don’t vote Republican because they aren’t Democrats, I vote Republican because they are SUPPOSED to be conservative When they abandon conservatives, that leads to voter apathy, that leads to weakened conservative influence, and liberals sure as hell aren’t going to join the party.

    “Moderates” and liberals are the same. Moderate views is a liberal. He admitted it himself that he voted for Obama. I find that hilarious. He claims he didn’t vote Republican because they were too right wing, yet he voted for the most partisan (in terms of voting record) of any candidate in recent history! Moderate View’s own voting record proves that when Obama pushed himself to the left it won his vote.

    But Obama was beatable. He won because McCain DIDN’T move to his base. It took until the final week for him to finally understand and that was too late. The guy was a fool. Bob Dole was a fool. Every moderate Republican is a fool because they buy into the liberal idea that they need to attract independents.

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