Game time.

Below is a map from RealClearPolitics with no toss-up states. Theoretically, this is what the country will look like tomorrow morning if all the current polls averaged by RCP are accurate. Of course, theory and reality are two different monsters. I’ll post again tomorrow morning to compare the two.

(click to enlarge)


16 responses to “Vote.

  1. Let’s hope this is how it transpires. Being in the ATL, I hope GA is a surprise.

    ATL voting poll sites fairly clear at 8:30 am. Lot’s of early voters near me.

    Change is coming!!!!

  2. I remember in 2004 when some Democrats needed psychiatric help when Kerry lost. Ha!

    I pray that can be repeated! Unfortunately, you and the other liberals have painted this as completely racial, even though its his policies.

    Black Panthers are already causing a ruckus. Where’s your post calling them racist?

  3. Go Obama!!! I am so freakin’ excited. Election night is as much fun as the Super Bowl!!!

  4. No way. The Superbowl takes 3 hours, the election takes 7!

  5. Yeah, but election night (at least the big one) is only once every 4 years!

  6. So are the Olympics and those suck!

    By the way, congratulations you’ve elected Karl Marx

  7. That’s President Obama to you, JStat.

  8. Your right. President Obama.

    I’m not going to be like the liberals were in 2000 and 2004 and spew hatred right away.

    I think he was a horrible choice, but I’ll wait for him to actually take office before I make my final judgments. Unlike the libs who hated Bush from the start.

    As for the Liberal Congress, that I will oppose. They had two years to make me happy, they failed. And finally all those damn moral-less “moderate which means liberal” Republicans are gone. Mostly anyway. I get angry when i hear people say oh well Now republicans need to work across party lines, IN 2004 THE SAME DAMN PEOPLE WERE SAYING THE REPUBLICANS SHOULD PANDER TO THE MINORITY AND GO ACROSS PARTY LINES! WHY AREN’T THE DEMOCRATS DOING THE SAME?

    Same situation, different party. The real difference? The media.

  9. Yeah!!! That damn conservative media!!!

  10. Yeah the “so-called” conservative media, to which I point to FOX. The liberal media, of course we already knew that, but those wannabees who abandoned the conservatives like David Brooks (who only liberals truly believed was a conservative) those are the ones I’m talking about.

    Polls showed people who claim to be liberal rose only 1 percent. 1! Through all the failure of Bush, only 1 more percent.
    Conservatives claim to be the same number as 4 years ago.

    60% of those polled feel that The Republicans either became incompetent after the 2000 election, or abandoned conservatism or conservative principles. And by incompetent I mean ineffective, not stupid. Only 9% felt they were TOO conservative.

    If the Republicans want to win, they need to stop taking advice from libs, they need to stop trying to out democrat the democrats, and they need to reestablish themselves under conservatism as they did in the 90’s.

  11. J Stat – you are so far to the right that everything is to the left of you, including Fox News and George Bush. So you can keep on railing about the liberal media, but bear in mind that if we cannot agree on the center line, it’s hard to have a discussion about left and right.

  12. Yep. I’m far right. Thank you for acknowledging this fact.

    I believe FOXNews is close to the center line, I don’t believe they are far right, and certainly not left. I don’t understand what problem this poses?

    Your upset because you can’t blame the failures we are facing on the far right. You are upset because you think George Bush was a “far right”, but he wasn’t. Not that its surprising. The far left is all hate. The far right wants America to turn back to a more moral America that believes in the American Dream, the far left hates the far right no matter what and wants to trample the American Dream to introduce a socialist agenda they believe is not a failed ideology, just a failed experiment in other countries.

    Now once again, I provided a valid argument, and the far left can either say “WELL BUSH DID THIS!!!!” or ” UR ON TEH FAR RIGHT!”.

    Also, when did I call the media liberal when I mentioned them earlier anyway? They are liberal, but thats not my point. I stated that the media (and I included FOX) pushes this agenda that Republicans are losing based on pushing more conservative, when they aren’t. They are losing because of NOT being conservative. Now I want to expect a sane response or argument or some kind of proof that when the Republicans don’t pander to the base they win, but of course that won’t happen. Because the difference between a liberal and a conservative is that a conservative gets angry when they are lied to, and liberals get mad when they here the truth.

  13. By the way Anderson, you calling someone far right is hilarious considering you are the picture of far left.

  14. Hear* rather, not “here”. Its the internet who cares.

  15. So who did those far right people vote for: Bush or Kerry?

  16. Bush. Kerry was worse than Bush. Obama is worse than McCain.

    In the last 6 elections, conservatives have settled with candidates who model a “go for the independents” strategy, often going with immigration softies, or guys who cut taxes but don’t cut spending ect.

    And every issue that we disagreed on, ended up being the failure of their respective administrations.

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