October Surprises

First, I encourage the McCain campaign to continue talking about redistributing wealth. While the Republican base goes out-of-their-skull angry at such notions, the rest of the country doesn’t think it’s such a bad idea.

Now, let’s revisit the list of October Surprise predictions I made on October 1st:

10. Biden is replaced by Hilary on veep ticket.

9. The whisper campaign that Obama is a Muslim who refuses to wear a flag pin or say the Pledge of Allegiance nonsense is amplified in targeted communities through locally published and anonymous flyers, postings, and other publicly controlled media. HAPPENED (except they’ve elevated their rhetoric toward simply accusing him of terrorism)

8. The Republican congress holds out on the bailout until mid-October, then suddenly votes for a stimulus/bailout package that temporarily and artificially induces the populace into an economy-is-good-McCain-must-be-ok sort of stupor.

7. McCain gets a foothold on the Rezko or Ayers stories that currently have little or no traction. HAPPENED – Here’s the Link

6. The RNC raises the battleflag of voter fraud and claims to have evidence that Republicans are being targeted, specifically in targeted districts where Republicans are needed to flock to the polls. HAPPENED – Here’s the Link

5. Palin is replaced by Romney on veep ticket.

4. Some major event occurs in the Middle East that reminds us of the threat: a new videotape from Osama Bin Laden, a major threat is exposed, a grand plot is uncovered, or Iran shows signs of going off the deep-end once and for all. HAPPENED – Syria – Here’s the Link

3. Some completely as-of-yet-unknown story or detail that completely catches everyone off guard. HAPPENED – Obama bombshell audio tape discovered – Here’s the Link

2. As if from heaven, gas prices will fall as OPEC manipulates the market due to “significant western economic fluctuations”. HAPPENED – lowest gas prices in six decades – Here’s the Link

1. The government increases the security threat under the guise of securing economic interests. HASN’T HAPPENED (YET)

Well, I got six of ten correct, and I’m still holding out on #1. I think the Syria connection provides a good backdrop for raising the security threat in the next few days. Stay tuned!


3 responses to “October Surprises

  1. Number 3 is the most generic prediction ever! lol!

  2. Talk about media bias. The Obama interview headline receives 1,200 news stories.

    However the independent assassination attempt (of which there are hundreds a year for both candidates) receives 3,900.

    Of course, had McCain been saved of an assassination attempt it would be “OH KARL ROVE POLITICS!!!!!!!”

  3. and niether CNN, NBC, ABC, or PMSNBC have reported it either.

    Obama blasts FoxNews for reporting the interview, although they gave no analysis and simply played the interview. So obviously this is a very sensitive area for Obama.
    But I’m sure you’ll keep your blinders on.

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