How Safe is Obama?

Statistically speaking, if you gave every red state to McCain plus all of the blue states in which Obama’s lead was less than 7%, Obama would still lead by 16 electoral votes.

To me, the only thing this does is bring this back to a 50/50 election. With such incredible voter suppression from the GOP, there are scores of people being denied the right to vote because of Republican tactics.  Add to this the Bradley Effect, the fact that Democrats have a harder time missing work, and a little bit of laziness – and this could easily add up to 8%. Obama can survive an 7% cut, but not an 8%. With a margin that small, every vote for Obama is important.


5 responses to “How Safe is Obama?

  1. He’s (McCain) got a long ways to go… reminds me of 2000 though

  2. He’s not safe until he is elected. Things look good, but there is still work to be done. I was out at my county’s Obama HQ today working and there are still plenty of things to do to help.

  3. Observation only: I live in a county that is largely Republican, has few minorities, is quite wealthy and is in a toss-up state. I have seen hundreds of McCain/Palin signs but only a few Obama/Biden signs. Since early voting started finding a parking place at the library where voting takes place has been difficult. When I voted the lines moved quickly but there were still many in line when I left. I have never experienced this sort of turnout before.

  4. I agree with Backpack and Moderate – there’s nothing “safe” about Obama’s lead.

  5. I pray for the Almighty to protect. I love Obama. He is trully God Sent.

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