Spread the Wealth!

Question: what is the opposite of spreading the wealth around? 

Answer: NOT spreading the wealth around.

In a nation in which 10% of its citizens hold 70% of its wealth, it is alarming that a candidate for president would argue that the wealth of this nation should not be spread around. Even Reagan argued for spreading the wealth around through trickle-down economics. Clearly, the money is not trickling down under the Bush administration. When this happens, the government must artificially redirect money through taxation.

Conservatives would be quick to argue that spreading the wealth through taxation is an artificial and socialistic mechanism. I would counter by asserting that a great number of economic policies in this nation are designed to move money up the ladder, not down. These free-market mechanisms are working, but what do you do when they work too well, and there’s no protection for the little guy?

It is not enough for conservatives to talk about economic freedoms, bootstraps, and American dreams. While these nostalgic notions of rags-to-riches sound great, they are no longer reliable paths to wealth or even stability in these modern times.

As long as so few possess so much, our government has an obligation – purely out of self-interest – to either institute fair economic policies that allow market fluidity up AND down the economic ladder, or they must institute fair tax policies that redistribute wealth.

I’m sad that John McCain is opposed to spreading the wealth around. Joe the Plumber only makes $40K a year. Let’s get him a little bit more money. Let’s vote Obama.

4 responses to “Spread the Wealth!

  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. Three points:

    I would prefer to use the phrase “spread around the opportunities” rather than having the government become a modern day Robin Hood. Cleaning up tax policy to eliminate special treatment programs can help equal the opportunities without more giveaway and entitlement programs that favor those who think it their due to be handed money by the government.

    Those who work hard create the value, not those who sit on the sideline with either inherited money or government handouts.

    It used to be that those with money invested in businesses that created jobs and opportunities to move up the ladder. In today’s era of greed, stockholders care only about short-term returns and layoffs mean larger captial gains and cash dividends.

  3. No Reagan never proposed spreading the wealth.

    Reagan said you make this much, you keep that much and when you spend it, it TRICKLES DOWN and helps everyone. This means businesses compete for that wealth, and in the end more jobs are created.

    By the way, rags to riches? Isn’t that how Obama got rich? Or Steve Jobs? or the Google brothers?

    The Democrats have been trying to revise history on trickle-down economics but they admit that it works every time the government comes up with a stimulus plan. Every time Nancy Pelosi or somebody or Obama or anybody on the left says, “We need more consuming going on out there and people need more consuming power,” meaning they need more money, more disposable income. It’s just the Democrats want to be thought of as the source of that disposable income. They don’t want that disposable income to come from tax cuts and people keeping more of what they earn. They want that disposable income to come in the form of a bribe, a check from the government; and there are enough people, sadly, who will buy into this as good economics.

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