Palin, SNL, and Colin Powell

Sarah Palin was on Saturday Night Live this weekend.  I’m assuming somebody in the McCain/Palin campaign thought that this was a really good idea. At first, I’d agree with them. SNL has had a very successful month, and people are starting to accept the Tina Fey impression as the “true” picture of Palin. Not good. Palin wanted to accomplish exactly what Mark Wahlberg did. His appearance on SNL says two things: I can take a joke, and I’m going to stand up for myself. Palin accomplished the first, but not the second. Instead of putting a stop to the parodies, she fueled the flames and invited more. So while Palin’s base is energized, the rest of the nation thinks the same or worse of Palin.

Obama was endorsed by Colin Powell on Sunday. This helps him in Florida and Virginia, where large populations of active and retired military personnel live. The potential boost is significant, and I’ll be watching those state polls closely. Additionally, he spoke to crowds of 100,000 in St. Louis and 75,000 in Kansas City.

So Obama spent the weekend working on Florida, Virginia, and Missouri. Palin spent the weekend palling around with humorists.

I’d say Obama had a better weekend.

By the way, I went to see “W” last night. It was horrible.


3 responses to “Palin, SNL, and Colin Powell

  1. I am bummed that “W” was horrible. I was looking forward to seeing it.

  2. Energizing the base is all that matters. When will you ever learn.

    Think of the one time McCain had a significant lead “by the polls”… convention time? Hmm…

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    your site was on my blog, came by to check you out…nice site.

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