McCain Cannot Count to 100

We need to have a president who can count to 100, especially on matters of the economy. This is why John McCain is not a really good choice to be president. In a press release posted on his website dated October 8th, McCain released the names of 100 economists who oppose Obama’s economic proposals.

This is interesting for two reasons. First, these economists aren’t suggesting that they support McCain; simply that they oppose Obama. Second – and perhaps more telling – is that there are only 90 of them. Count them for yourself.

Speaking of 100, today officially begins George W. Bush’s last 100 days in office!

That’s great news. It’s even better when you consider that there are actually only 90 days remaining, according to McCain.

14 responses to “McCain Cannot Count to 100

  1. Yeah! Kind of like how Obama thinks there are 57 states right!?

  2. What the heck are you talking about with Obama and the 57 states?

  3. By the way, McCain apparently can’t count to 1,000,000 either. He has a group on Facebook for supporters that is called 1,000,000 strong for McCain/Palin. It has just over 150,000 people in it (as of yesterday).

  4. You never heard of Obama and the 57 states?

    There are 57 Islamic states… just saying.

    FYI: You clearly know little of facebook. 1.) McCain and his campaign are not the ones who set up that group, 2.) The GOAL is to reach 1,000,000 nice job not checking out the actual group, 3.) There is also a group 1 million strong for Obama, that hasn’t even broken 3,000. The most popular group of that type is 1 million against Hillary (over 800,000)

  5. Anyway, just FYI: The Obama Facebook group has over 2 million people in it.

  6. Thats the Obama fan page, not group. Big difference.

  7. J Stat: Why do you even read this blog if all you want to do is argue with people?

  8. Its a blog. You read and voice your opinion that’s what its for. If you don’t like people exposing your lies then you don’t have to keep commenting.

    If Josh has a problem with this, he can turn off comments.

  9. And I don’t read this article to argue, I read it because I enjoy reading what Anderson has to say. Then, there is a comment system to COMMENT on the post. Thats where you state how YOU feel.

    My bad though, I guess to you comments mean all you can do is agree with the author of the posts, or the wackos.

  10. …now boys…play nice or we’ll have to kick you both off the island…

  11. I have no problem with people expressing their opinions…just people who feel like they have to be a jerk to do it.

  12. Oh yeah, and the fact that my opinion differs from yours does not make me a liar.

  13. For the record, all three of you are some combination of friends, students, and/or parents.

  14. I’m not being a jerk. I’m stating the facts. Sheesh!

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