Obama and Bill Ayers. McCain and the Keating 5. Your Move, John.

Want to know why Barack Obama has resisted talking about McCain’s involvement with the Keating Five?

John McCain has made no secret of his intention to use Obama’s connection to Bill Ayers as a reason to question Obama’s judgement.  Yesterday, McCain made it clear that he is going to step up those attacks and be more forceful in his attacks.

I hope he does, because the relationship between Barack Obama and Bill Ayers isn’t nearly as interesting as the relationship between John McCain and Charles Keating. Feel free to read about the Keating Five on Wikipedia.

Obama used to have a connection to a guy who was so pissed off at the government, that he actually bombed government buildings.

McCain was formally criticized by the US Senate for exercizing poor judgement for his role in illegally protecting the chairman of a major banking corporation from a government investigation for his defrauding of 21,000 elderly investors out of their life savings.

There’s a reason Obama hasn’t tied you to this, McCain. He’s been waiting for you to tie him to Bill Ayers.

Your move, John McCain.


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