I Think I Smell a Rat

10:16am (central)

UPDATE: intensive Lexis Nexis searches return ZERO results for any of the names listed in the CNN story prior to October 4th.

6:40am (central) / October 4, 2008

The US Military says it killed the top al Qaeda mastermind in Iraq – but there is no mention of his name anywhere on the internet prior to the release of the story.

CNN is reporting early this morning that “U.S. military says al Qaeda in Iraq mastermind [is] dead.” The story is hitting the wires and running like crazy. But I think I smell a rat. I challenge all of my conservative readers to prove me wrong, because I don’t want to believe what I think may be true. According to the first two paragraphs of the story:

“Coalition forces in Baghdad have killed the man believed to be the mastermind of recent bombings in the Iraqi capital, the U.S. military said. Mahir Ahmad Mahmud Judu al-Zubaydi, also known as Abu Rami and Abu Assad, was believed to be the leader of one of al Qaeda in Iraq’s Baghdad networks, the military said in a statement issued Friday.”

Here is the challenge to my conservative friends. Try and find any reference to any of the following names prior to October 3rd on any website: Mahir Ahmad Mahmud Judu al-Zubaydi, Abu Rami, Abu Assad.

I started with Google News, which returns all news content from the past year (and more). The first mention that any of these three names returns a hit is about six hours ago.

Why is the first online reporting of the name of the top al Qaeda mastermind just moments after his death? While many will argue that covert intelligence kept the name mum, this is surely not the case for the “al Qaeda mastermind” in Iraq.

I smell a rat.

Developing? . . .


9 responses to “I Think I Smell a Rat

  1. I actually tried to prove you wrong, but I can’t do it. It looks like they really did just make up the name. Can it be?

  2. What a crock! Typical republican controlled media lies.

  3. They never claimed he was the Al Quaida mastermind. They claim he was a mastermind of RECENT bombings in Iraq.

  4. I don’t buy it, J Stat. The article give lots of background information on this guy and gives him quite an astute biography. Yet, he has zero presence on the web.

  5. The only thing I can think of why we haven’t heard of him before is because he, the person who has been killed, never broadcasted his name that he was the one behind the attacks. The only time the name of someone is known is only if he is a leader and only until after they have killed him or after the man himself broadcasts himself claiming he was the one behind the attack. Having your name known isn’t neccesarily the best thing to do if you are being hunted.

    Like for example zarqawi, he was in iraq during the invasion and attented training in afghanistan but his name wasn’t known until AQ announced his name even though the american gov. knew who he was before hand.

    The amount of information is probably because its the info the US military has been gathering for quite some time on him as they have been hunting him.

  6. Thanks for your efforts to research and reveal, Josh…this is clearly a Bush ploy meant to help McCain….DUH!!!! And if we have a major terrorist attack in the next 30 days, I actually DO believe that it will also be Bush based…he has so sorely ruined things in this country on both an economic and global scale that I really do believe there is no end to his stupidity or evil ways…all for the sake of maintaining his R “legacy!”

    If you think that is left wing, at least I know which is which…check out Letterman’s feature from last night:

    Great Moments in Presidential Speeches:
    Bush: “We’re doing a better job of talking to each other. The left hand now knows what the right hand is doing.” Bush references his right hand when he says “left hand,” and raises his left hand when he says “right hand.”

    Further proof that stupid begets evil begets stupid begets evil…

  7. You don’t buy it?

    I’m not even disagreeing with you, I’m just stating I’m not surprised we don’t know about him considering these are (apparently) recent bombings that took place. Theres thousands of terrorists, I mean we don’t always know the names of them. Even the “masterminds”, its not like they claim he is Osama.

    Just my guess. I’m not usually one to automatically assume its all a conspiracy.

  8. Yeah, I don’t buy it either.

  9. If you read the press report from MNF-I that led to this CNN report, you will see that he was considered an ’emir’ of the Rusafa area, a neighborhood in Baghdad. Since most journalists do not follow the neighborhood emirs, I can easily see that his name may not have been released prior. Further, he was responsible for VBIEDs in and around Baghdad – I highly doubt that you follow the violence in the Baghdad neighborhoods closely, at least not as closely as someone who have served numerous tours in Baghdad.

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