Snakechurch Sarah Strikes Again

I discovered that if you play both of these videos at the same time, you suddenly want to vote Democrat.



5 responses to “Snakechurch Sarah Strikes Again

  1. This is scary that she is even on the ticket. God help us if they win!

  2. That was astounding. There are no words to describe what I just saw. Yeesh. I’m sure Palin can just walk right across the creek to Russia. That easy.

    At least she didn’t say, “The childrens will learn.”

  3. My head hurts from repeatedly banging it against the table.

  4. Stephanie_Padme

    I think I love you. ^_^

    Seriously though, this is brilliant. I’ve been waiting to see somebody do a side by side on these two clips and you didn’t let me down. Bravo!

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