Contest Results! Election 2008: Star Wars Version

Yesterday’s post generated over 17,000 hits and 50 comments, so the competition was pretty fierce. Some loved the contest, while others . . . well, not so much. So let’s not delay, here are the results:

1. Chewbacca

“Eric” wins with his entry for Howard Dean. In Eric’s words: It’s not really his fault, but this noise he made completely defined him. Although he has heroic intentions, he’s mostly relegated to the role of mascot as the final showdown begins.

2. C3P0 and 3. R2D2

“Sean” wins with his dual entry for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. He writes: All four act as Greek chorus to the happenings around them concerning the “fighting of the power”, and when Stewart starts laughing in the middle of a joke, you can really hardly understand him.

4. Boba Fett

“Backpacktwang” wins (with help from Dan) with her entry for Rush Limbaugh, who is an evil SOB who makes his money off the idiot masses. Also, his power is mostly his own delusion.

5. Yoda

“Jim” wins for his case that Yoda is Robert Byrd because they’re both 900 years old, given to rambling nonsense, but moments of sage-like wisdom from time to time. Same ears.

6. Admiral Ackbar

Again, “Sean” wins with a compelling case that Ron Paul is Ackbar, primarily because Admiral Paul led a small but dedicated contingent against the forces of the Death Star, only to find out that his secretly supported candidacy was a Trojan Horse, screaming “It’s a trap!”

7. Lando Calrission

“Jeff” wins with his entry for Bill Clinton, simply because you think he is good then bad the Good again is he helping or hurting Luke and Han.


There is one additional entry that I think ought to get some attention. “Jim” writes that James Carville is that monkey-like thing that always hung out with Jabba the Hut, constantly laughing maniacally and making nasty little commentary every chance he gets


Congratulations, Sean!  You had the most number of best entries. You win! Sadly, since I don’t know you, then the most you win is the recognition of any of the 17,000 people who visited this blog yesterday.

Thanks for playing, everyone! Let me know any ideas you have for other contests!


2 responses to “Contest Results! Election 2008: Star Wars Version

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  2. I don’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.JohnCageJohn Cage

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