An Open Letter to My Fellow Democrats

An Open Letter to My Fellow Democrats:

Six months ago, Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy was a shameful blight on the American moral fabric. Today, Bristol Palin’s teenage pregnancy is embraced by all wholesome families. Is this double-standard what Republicans consider a small-town value?

Five months ago, it was fair game for the Republicans to question Sen. Clinton’s ability to lead without crying. Today, it is they who parse our words for any faint whiff of sexism. Is this double-standard what they mean by change?

Four months ago, Republicans simply dismissed Obama with a simple, pithy argument: I don’t know what he believes. Today, they rally around a candidate who cannot articulate a specific plan of action for any issue (other than drill, baby, drill).  Is this their idea of leadership?

Three months ago, it was Barack Obama who was accused of making lofty speeches with no real substance. Today, it is McCain whose main strategy is to distract America with personality attacks instead of focusing on the issues. Is this how McCain defines honor?

Two months ago, John McCain said repeatedly that he strongly favored deregulating the banking industry while Obama laid out a plan of government oversight and regulation. Today, McCain now suddenly favors extensive regulation. He’s had 27 years to reform the banking industry, nine of which were spent as the chairman of the powerful Senate Commerce Committee. Instead of reforming Washington, he made it worse – McCain is one of the Keating Five and was one of the primary factors behind the Savings and Loan Scandal of 1989. Is this McCain’s idea of reform?

One month ago, it was Obama who was under attack from the Republicans for a lack of experience. Today, they tell us that experience can come in many forms including mayor, living near Russia, a few months as governor, and hockey mom. I guess this is what Republicans mean by experience – they are more experienced at flip-flopping than any Democrat I’ve ever met.

I keep hearing the Republicans tell me how bad Barack Obama is, but when I ask them to explain why, they never seem to be able to come up with a good reason (or a truthful one). It’s almost like Obama’s position on the issues doesn’t matter much to them. It’s almost like there’s another reason why they hate him so much; a reason that they never seem to be able to put into words, at least not in polite conversation.

When I ask my Republican friends to tell me one thing that John McCain is going to do to help America, they all smile and say “drill, baby, drill.” I wonder if they would have been chanting “leeches, baby, leeches” on the eve of modern medicine a hundred years ago.

Today, it is Barack Obama who understands this nation better than John Mcain. His position on all issues is more articulate, more defined, and more proven to work than those of John McCain. It is Barack Obama who will lower the taxes of 95% of American taxpayers. It is Barack Obama who will mandate that every child in America is protected by a private or public health insurance plan chosen by the parents. It is Barack Obama who will use American innovation and the alternative energy market as a springboard to make America competitive in a global economy once again. It is Barack Obama, and only Barack Obama, who seeks equal pay for women in the workforce. It is Barack Obama who will focus our military strength on fighting those who seek to do us harm, and not the false monsters who control the oil on which we have become so dependent.

Today, it is Barack Obama who has remained steadfast for the past two weeks while the McCain campaign continues to lie, deceive, and distract this nation. 

Today, Barack Obama and John McCain are exactly even in the polls. Both have had their convention bump, both are now back to square one. It begins today.

Next week, John McCain will work even harder to make this campaign about personality instead of the issues.

Next month, John McCain will begin bringing back old fears: the terrorists will kill you, our nation is under imminent attack, we need the GOP to deliver us from evil. The more I hear Republicans talk about the terrorists, the more I wish they would have tried to do something about them instead of creating a comfortable home for them in the chaos of Iraq. How come I know the terrorists are in Afghanistan but President Bush and John McCain don’t?

Next year, we won’t care much about lipstick and lies. We won’t care about pigs or polls. We’ll be settled into the new presidency.  Only then will the issues matter.

As you continue your support of Barack Obama, make sure that you take every opportunity to refocus any debate back on the issues, be prepared to explain both candidates’ position on a variety of topics, and make sure that those who you love focus on what matters most . . . the issues that affect their daily lives.

I urge you to visit to continue learning more about Obama’s winning plan for America.

Josh Anderson

3 responses to “An Open Letter to My Fellow Democrats

  1. Hi Josh:

    I must admit I agree with much you have said, but what troubles me is the folks that should read and internalize what you are saying will likely not read the post, or they will begin reading it and consider it as a “McCain bashing post.”

    I’m amazed at how many people in our society can no longer critically think about their candidate’s behavior. With McCain they have years and years of precedence to go back and study, but I doubt any of them could tell you how many times McCain actually voted for or against their top 5 concerns. Neither can they do this with Obama’s voting record, because all they do is feed from the media trough. I use this term because it is the best parallel I can come up with. Pigs eat slop from a trough and 98% of what is communicated by our media is the same.

    The gist of what I’m saying is most of those that are McCain lovers can’t even hear you when you say “Consider this . . .” Why? Because they don’t want to consider anything. They like the thought that they have already made the “right” decision without considering anything. Man! When did so many of us decide thinking about what we need to do is too hard or too much effort???

    Thanks for the post!


  2. BadPenny: You are absolutely right! And I love how you word it.

  3. kudos mr anderson you write as well as you did in college I am highly imrpessed.. and i agree with you

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