Barack Obama: the Ideal One Minute Campaign Commercial

(setting: a farm or a tight shot of an American landscape, Obama in a sport coat and checkered dress shirt, no tie. a flag waves on a flagpole in the background, we see farmhands working hard in the distance)

Obama is resolute and strong, and speaks with authority.

“My fellow patriots, the last two weeks have given John McCain and Sarah Palin an incredible opportunity to tell you what they’ll do if they win this important election. Instead of using that time to address the issues that are most important to me and you, they’ve wasted their opportunity on lies, attacks, and political garbage that leaves us, as a nation, worse than when they started their campaign.

Like all of you, I’m not going to let the course of this nation be determined by lies and attacks. For the next two months, our nation needs a serious discussion about the economy, lowering taxes, international relations, health care, education, and several other critical issues that the Bush administration has failed to adequately address and that John McCain wants to make worse.

I’ve done the work to prove to the American people what I will do if elected president. I will reduce the income tax for 95% of Americans. I will provide solid and comprehensive health coverage for every American. I will make sure that our public schools are once again the envy of the world.  I will shore up our economy and restore our national strength so that we may do battle with evil when it becomes necessary.  And with a democratic congress, you can be sure that I’ll get the job done right the first time.

I’ve done my homework. Has John McCain?”

3 responses to “Barack Obama: the Ideal One Minute Campaign Commercial

  1. I don’t know if dressing casual would go over well wilth the American people. We haven’t ever seen him without a suit and tie.

  2. How about Obama walking out of a classroom in a high school as the kids are standing facing an American Flag saying the Pledge of Allegiance. As he enters the hall — kids’ voices fade out and then he begins your speech about homework.

  3. Obama really should just hire you for his campaign.

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