Calm Down, Yo.

People, this is the worst Obama’s had it yet. Everyone hates him. The media hates him. He can’t do anything right. Everybody loves Palin. The media is too soft on her. Oh, whoa is us.

. . . and yet if the election were held today, Barack Obama would win the presidency.

Literally, the only thing Democrats have to fear is fear itself.  If Obama loses, it will only be because an entire party suddenly went glum and stayed that way, just because we had a tough week. We’ve been used to having a perfect rock-star candidate, and now he’s being tested. Big deal. If he’s everything we say he is, he’ll be fine. If he’s a sham, the light of public inspection will reveal him.

I’ve never felt so devoted, passionate, and intensely connected to a candidate – but that doesn’t mean I think he’s made of glass. He’s tougher than that, and I have faith.

So, if you want to help Obama – make this election about the issues.  Show the people you know why they want (need) Obama to win. She them that honor and courage and service – as platitudes – don’t pay bills or provide coverage. Make sure that they know which candidate will take care of them.

Show them, and they will follow.

One response to “Calm Down, Yo.

  1. I like the way you think, Josh Anderson.

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