Slip Slidin’ Away.

2.9 on Monday.

2.8 on Tuesday.

2.5 on Wednesday.

2.2 on Thursday.

McCain may be winning the popular vote, but he’s slipping, and fast. Looks like the campaign bump was temporary. Meanwhile, Obama hasn’t ceeded any electoral votes since Monday. He’s still ahead by 8, according to

McCain’s bump is attributable to three things: Palin, the RNC, and Obama’s lack of focus. All three of these have been neutralized. Palin is still a hot topic in the media, but the enthusiasm isn’t translating into votes (see above). The Republican National Convention is over. Obama is now back in the news (whereas he had been quite for the past week until Wednesday).

Palin is on ABC tonight. Let’s see how she does. If John McCain is going to make Palin the centerpiece of his campaign, his campaign may not be out of the woods yet.


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