Considering Change

I’m thinking about changing the look (again) and context of this blog. While I’m grateful for everyone who stops by and reads a post or two, I really just blog as a way to write. I guess I’m just sort of a “closet pundit” who watches so much political news that I can’t help but carve out my own niche in which to express some ideas – even if only to myself. In other words, this blog is a sort of napkin in a restaurant – a blank space in which I can scribble some thoughts so that I have them documented somewhere – a way to test ideas and work them out like math problems to see if I can come up with an acceptable answer before I test it in the real world. I am under no illusions that what I do on this blog will ever occupy more than a small handful of computer screens in this world.

I was trying to explain (poorly) why I liked having a blog to a friend last night, and while trying to describe it to her, I made a connection. If this blog is really more like a napkin in a restaurant, then maybe I could switch it up a bit and retitle this thing to something like “Notes from the Napkin . . .”.

Then, it occured to me that I had a picture of a napkin. I’ll tell you the story of the napkin later, but for now, here it is:


So if you discover that this blog changes a little the next time you visit, you now know why.


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