Political Polls: The Only Website You’ll Ever Need!

We hear a lot about candidates being “up” or “down” or “fucked” in the polls, and it’s hard to determine the accuracy of such data when there are so many polls, many of which are generated by organizations with a political bias.

If you are into polling, and trending data, and electoral maps, then head over to Real Clear Politics for all of this and more! RCP has three advantages: they aggregate all national polling to show you one snapshot, they provide great electoral mapping and show how each state would vote if the election were held today (and what this means to electoral numbers), and they offer excellent polling analysis of state races.

It’s a visually-busy site, so I’d suggest starting by clicking on “polls” in the black ribbon that runs across the top of the main column. Or just click here!

2 responses to “Political Polls: The Only Website You’ll Ever Need!

  1. Interesting visual. We’re in the spin room. After this first debate….. “The data is in…Obama is fucked. That’s right, America, you heard it here first!”

    Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard that before. Is it a technical political term?

  2. Ha! It’s a little less scientific than the others, but nonetheless in conveying the will of the people when necessary!

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