Sarah Palin’s Speech was Excellent

I’m still no fan of Sarah Palin’s political views, but I sure as hell loved that speech. She did her job and motivated that base. Her delivery was excellent. I wish she were a democrat!

More importantly, I wish more democrats were like her. She came out swinging, she didn’t pull punches, and she wasn’t afraid to be a little aggressive in her criticisms of Obama/Biden.  I want to see more of that from the Obama campaign. That being said, it is not Obama’s style to be cutting or sarcastic, so he needs to outsource that edgy-ness to more people than just Joe Biden.

Being right on the issues isn’t the same as being perceived as being right on the issues. The longer the democrats assume the mantle of “I’m right / you’re wrong / I don’t need to be edgy”, the more they stand to lose.

10 responses to “Sarah Palin’s Speech was Excellent

  1. What the heck are you doing up?

  2. I wake up at 5am every day. So do you, apparently!

  3. Sorry, the Democrats won’t stand for an aggressive candidate. I think their problem is that the liberals who “own”that party don’t think they’re right; they just think the Republicans are wrong. The liberal view of moral and cultural relativity has sapped the Democrats’ ability to run an aggressive campaign.

  4. I think you are exactly right, except I believe that the dems DO think that they are right, and I think the moral and cultural relativity can be a good thing.

  5. 5 am is late! I am usually up between 4:15 and 4:45. I think I’ve lost my mind.

    jonolan: Aggressive? Try bitchy. She took the female sex back 20 years last night by talking about the pTA, her family, being a hockey mom, and then bagging on Obama for the rest of the speech. Where are her policy stances? I want to know more about the person who would be 1 70-something-year-old heartbeat from the presidency.

  6. Ok, time stamp is fixed.

  7. If you say so, backpacktwang. I think you’re wrong though. There’s nothing wrong with being proud to be a “soccer mom.” It doesn’t set women back, though it may remind some of them that their agenda doesn’t match all women’s agendas.

    Hell, my mother – many years ago – was in the PTA, picked me up after soccer games, and was PROUD to be a mother and raise a family. She was ALSO a major in the USMC during the Vietnam War – stationed stateside of course.

    As you might guess, I like Palin. I wish we had more tough, gutsy women who still wanted to be women as well as whatever else they want to be.

  8. hi josh! i just noticed your blog link on jennifer’s.
    i agree, palin did have a great speech, hockey/soccer mom stuff and all.

    suzanne mccullough

  9. Jonolan, I have no problem with soccer moms or hockey moms or any other kind of mom who likes to be involved with her children. Heck, I am a teacher and I love to see moms who are involved in their kids lives. But it doesn’t qualify a person to be VP of the US. I don’t have a problem with the fact that she talked about those things…just that she talked about those things at the expense of any true policy statements. She said nothing about the middle class, the housing crisis, or education. Those are three issues that are very important to me and I think to most Americans, man or woman. Don’t paint me as someone who is anti-good parenting or as someone who thinks all women’s agendas have to match mine. I simply think she sent us back 20 years because her speech had no policy substance and she is running for VP.

  10. Sorry if I painted you that way; it wasn’t truly my intention.

    As for policy statements – YPs don’t set policy, so it would probably have been inappropriate for her to make major policy statements. We’re in a weird situation – the most charismatic speaker is NOT the presidential candidate.

    Think about it. How man people on either side really cared about Biden’s speech? As long as he didn’t gaff it was fine. Palin on the other hand WAS the star attraction and therefor has been granted “extra powers and responsibilities.”

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