Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Reader,

Chances are that you are a friend of mine who I’ve forced at metaphorical gunpoint to visit this blog. I genuinely appreciate your acquiescence. I also want to give a nod to a blogger by the name of “harddriller” who posted a comment on my first blog post just a few minutes after it was posted! I guess this blogging thing really is a pretty global and open affair.

I’m guessing that this blog will continue as a way for friends and family to check in with me and as a virtual whiteboard for right-wing nutjobbery in the comment section (which I invite).

One of the main reasons I’m creating this blog is to put in writing my thoughts and feelings, along with the dates and times of posting.  This way, I can look back and laugh at myself at some later date for being so incredibly wrong (or, conversely, prove some of you motherfuckers right when I tell you that what I say is true).

So that’s that. Read or leave.

One response to “Welcome to my Blog!

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