Drudge Report: Cherry Picking Polling Data to Support McCain

It’s one thing to lean slightly to the left or the right when reporting news – every journalist needs a frame or a context for making the story important to readers or viewers.  But what happens when a journalist like Matt Drudge ignores nearly fifty polls that favor Obama and posts an errant poll that shows McCain with a substantial lead?  Like most newswriters, Matt Drudge likely visits RealClearPolitics.com for his polling data.  Take a look at the polling data below and take a guess as to which poll Drudge announced to the nation?  Yup, according to Drudge readers for most of last week, John McCain was beating the pants off of Obama with a clear five point lead.  Oh well, at least it makes us Obama supporters work harder!

3 responses to “Drudge Report: Cherry Picking Polling Data to Support McCain

  1. Why not? mainstream media has been doing it for Obama from day 1.

  2. Thank you for posting!

    I totally agree that the media is much more fascinated with the “new guy” than Sen. McCain, but in this instance I’m speaking of choosing which polls to reveal to the masses. Clearly, Obama has the advantage in almost every poll, so it would be appropriate for the MSM to show that Obama is ahead.

  3. This is what happens with Rove-ism. Everything is sacrificed for “the win”. Remember, the “win” is NOT good government. The “win” is the right having the control. Facts, figures, history, dignity, the economy, the lives of 2.5 million american soldiers…. these are all things that are sacrificed for the sake of “the win”.

    Surprise factor : 0.002 on a scale of 0-10

    Buck Fush
    –Rev Manny

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